When it comes to an adventure like Sky Diving, western countries are always a preference. That is because most of them think that this country of Maharajahs cannot give them that taste of thrill. But this is not true, just like any western country; India too has some exotic destinations that will give that adrenaline rush you always yearned for. Lets us find out the places in India that can become your next holiday destination for Sky Diving and fulfill your dream of flying like a bird.

Chamundi Hills, Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore, the city of Tipu Sultan is shrouded with stories of his bravery. It has also earned reputation for various adventure activities; Sky Diving in Chamundi Hills being one of them. The breathtaking hills have a clear airspace and visibility that makes it perfect for Sky Diving. Divers will get a certified base, various camps for Static Jumps, Tandem Jumps and also Freefalls. To do Sky Diving here, one has to be medically fit for the huge jump and also professionally trained. Just as the aircraft drops you down, surrender yourself completely to the gravity and let fear overtake the thrill. As you touch the ground, feel the earth in your feet with a sense of exhilaration.


Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu  

Once a French Colonial settlement, Pondicherry has been a popular destination for its coastal beauty and spirituality. Recently it has developed itself for Sky Diving with the options for Tandem as well as Static Jumps. A Free Fall from the sky gives you ample opportunity to get a feel of the land that is kissed by sea and ruled by winds. Various camps are organized here as per the weather conditions for the Static Jump. Minimum age for Static Jump (4,000 ft) is 16 years and for Tandem (10,000 ft) is 18 years. Watch the sea meeting the land from up above, as you fly like a bird and let the wind control your flight. So, next time you plan a trip to Pondicherry, dare to rise and soar high.


Deesa, Gujarat

In the scenic lakeside city, Deesa in Gujarat is known all over the country for its Potato Plantations. It was then recognized as a Sky Diving spot by Sports Authority of India. They made every effort to develop it as India’s first Sky Diving spot and became a host to a number of events. Every year, the city invites a good number of sky divers from all over the country. They can opt for Tandem as well as Static jump. Deesa is the perfect place where first timers to try their hands in Sky Diving by taking training for 1.5 days.  They will be allotted two instructors who will guide them with sky diving and also ensure a safe landing.


Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

A quaint town in Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh, Dhana is home to an air strip that gives ample opportunity for Tandem and Static jumps. From a height of 4000 ft. the jump and the experience of looking at the beautiful landscape is absolutely exhilarating. Various Sky Diving camps have been organized to provide training to new divers and also provide the much desired adrenaline rush. A tandem instructor will strap the Sky Diver for a fearless fly and also a safe landing. A 30-minute training session is mostly enough for a successful and fearless flight.


Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

A brainchild of Sahara Group, Aamby Valley has always been the favourite haunt of weekenders. Recently is has been developed to cater the adventure freaks who are looking for sky diving activities. A free fall and dive into the sky while looking at the stunning natural beauty beneath is feast for an eye. At present the valley offers Tandem jumps from 10,000 feet and stands among one of the topmost Sky Diving spots in India.


Types of Sky Diving

Tandem Jump
In this type of sky diving, the diver is strapped with the instructor and they jump together. This exhilarating experience is recorded.

Static Line Jump
At least 6-hour of training is required for this 3,000 ft jump that has a free fall of 3 seconds. For this jump, the diver is connected with the aircraft with a cord. Just as the diver jumps, the parachute opens automatically and one smoothly floats in the air taking full view of the landscape below.

Accelerated Free Fall
Most thrilling of all, this sky dive requires a jump from 13,000 ft without being attached to anything. This free fall needs serious practical training and special guidance.

Tips for Sky Diving in India

  • Diver’s age should be atleast 16 years for Static and 18 years for tandem. He/she should be below 90 kg weight.
  • A certified and registered Sky Diving organizer should be chosen for diving
  • Patients having high blood pressure, fear of height, cardiac issues, back injury or pregnant should not try this sport. A medical certificate is required from the medical practitioner.
  • Before diving, just relax and try to recall the instructions provided to you.
  • Divers should sign an indemnity bond before taking a flight.
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When it comes to an adventure like Sky Diving, western countries are always a preference. That is because most of them think that this country of Maharajahs cannot give them that taste of thrill. But this is not true, just like any western country; India too has some exotic...