Get onboard, rig your sails, and pull up the anchor to explore the spectacular Indian scenery. Much off the beaten path, and simply splendid, river cruises in India are a luxurious way for an incredible India experience. These expeditions, organized aboard luxury liners floating on large rivers, are a great mix of onboard-onshore experiences that promise you a memorable India tour.

Join us as we sail through the picturesque Indian panorama and click some instaworthy pics as you indulge in a soul-soothing experience on river cruise tours in India. With bedecked cabins, well-equipped with all creature comforts, and an array of entertainment onboard, these cruisers make the journey as beautiful as the many stops you make by the river.

Bengal Heritage Cruise on the Ganges

Hop onboard a luxury liner in Kolkata and get set to cruise down the spectacular River Ganges. Soaked in myths, legends, and folklore, the charm of the Ganges is an allure for one and all. Explore the terracotta villages, weaver’s colonies, royal palaces, artisans’ village and medieval mosques as you sail along the beautiful Hooghly, also known as the Lower Ganges. As you move up the Upper Ganges, the scenery changes with the remains of a Portuguese colony in Bandel, relics of a French bastion in Chandanpore, and shades of ISKCON in Mayapur. Loaded with legends & folklore, these cruises are a perfect dose of art, history, and culture of Bengal.


Set Sail on the Mighty Brahmaputra

The lifeline of north-east India, Brahmaputra, is not only mammoth in proportions but also runs through a stunningly picturesque panorama. Witness spectacular sunrise & sunsets as you sip the delicious Assam Tea and bask in the warm sun on the deck. Explore quaint silk-weaving villages, check out island temples, make a stop for a rhino safari, and pay a visit to the riverine island of Majuli- the experience is beyond words. Luxury accommodations, delicious local cuisine, and onboard cultural performances add to this incredible experience.


Mystical Varanasi Ganges Cruise

The Ganges cruise in Varanasi is much shorter but is an absolutely divine journey on a double-decker luxury cruiser. The liner takes you for two-hour sunrise and sunset trips on the Ganges. Explore the many Ghats of Varanasi, watch the Ganges dolphins, soak in the exotic panorama, and witness the enchanting Ganga Aarti on the ghats. Equipped with the latest navigational facilities, onboard luxuries, and delicious catering service, this cruise is a perfect way to experience the mystical allure of the Ganges.


Cruise through the Alluring Mangrove of Sunderbans

Call it a river cruise or a boat safari, but the experience is simply out of the world. A World UNESCO Heritage Site, the jungles of Sunderbans are a paradise for nature lovers, photographers, and adventure junkies. A picturesque passage takes you through the dense mangroves forests, much known as the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Pass through narrow creeks, spot a tiger lurking in the forest, alligators sunning on the river banks, and the endangered Ganges Dolphins playing acrobats in the shadowy waters. Diverse species of flora & fauna, the thrill of the jungle, and the heartwarming hospitality make it one of the most sought-after river cruises in India.


Panoramic Godawari-Yanam River Cruise

Yanam, a tributary of the Godavari River in south India, takes you through quaint fishing villages of Andhra, the Konaseema backwaters, and lush scenery. Pass along swaying coconut trees, witness glorious sunrise & sunsets, and dine on deliciously spicy Andhra cuisine. Watch the confluence of Yanam with the sea, a breathtaking view of merging shades of grey & turquoise as the river blends into the Bay of Bengal. Get down at the beach near the confluence and check out the red crabs darting across the sand.


Cruise Through a Marble Rock Passage in River Narmada

A day cruise on the beautiful Narmada River takes you through the scenic locations and rich heritage of Central India. It generally starts at Bheedaghat, near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. Sail along the colorful towering walls of marble, gaze at the gorgeous rock formations, and soak in the incredible views & soulful silence of the river.


A Party Cruise on River Mandovi in Goa

It’s time to look beyond the gorgeous beaches & rave parties of Goa and go cruising on the beautiful River Mandovi. Midnight cruise on fairy-lit boats with onboard party & music shows are sure to add a zing to your Goan itinerary. Check out the beautiful scenery and the little Konkani villages passing by and dive into delicious seafood on board.  The cruises start from various points in Panjim.


Kerala Backwaters Houseboat Cruise

A network of crisscrossing lakes, canals, inlets & brackish lagoons, Kerala backwaters take you on a paradisiacal journey. Traditionally built and equipped with all modern luxuries, Kerala Houseboats float alongside rustic villages, lush palm & coconut groves, and breathtaking scenery. Luxurious accommodations, delicious Kerala cuisine, fresh toddy, and stopover at quaint villages- the call of the backwaters is romantic indeed! Alleppey and Kumarakom in Kerala, promise you a delightful backwaters experience.


Well, there are glass boat cruises in Andamans, island hopping cruise in Lakshadweep, boat rides in the beautiful Chilika Lake, and many more to add to this ever-growing list. Romantic, scenic, and a perfect way to spend a quiet vacation, these river cruises must be a part of your next Indian itinerary.

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Get onboard, rig your sails, and pull up the anchor to explore the spectacular Indian scenery. Much off the beaten path, and simply splendid, river cruises in India are a luxurious way for an incredible India experience. These expeditions, organized aboard luxury liners floating on large rivers, are a...