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Shimla Tour-Enrapturing the Senses of Travellers

I still remember the interesting trip to Shimla that we made recently. On weekend, we generally had nothing much to do. As we were already in Delhi to attend a marriage so, going Shimla was a good decision. Richard asked me to visit Shimla and I, a big travel freak, jumped at it.

Shimla Tour
Shimla Tour

Richard is very good at surfing net and by the time, I could even plan how to spend our Holidays in Shimla, he contacted a famous tour operator in India and arranged everything. The train tickets, the hotel booking and the guide, everything was arranged by them only. Well, we had sometime in hand and thinking to make the most of it, we gathered maximum details of Shimla from internet. To my surprise, Richard was very excited for this trip as we got a break together after a really long time. He also collected a road map of Shimla, ensuring that we would not miss any attraction.

From Delhi we reached Kalka by Train in the early morning. On being reached Kalka, we took another train to Shimla, which took us to a narrow gauge track. We enjoyed this train trip with comfortable siting arrangements and good services. As the train started moving up the hills, the sceneries on its both sides took us to a beautiful world. The train took us through several tunnels-shorter and longer, beautiful slopes and green valleys which made us to enjoy every bit of the trip. Deriving its name from Goddess ‘Shyamla Devi’, Shimla is amongst the popular hill stations of India.  

The Ridge Road, the first place we visited in Shimla, was an amazing experience. The impressive views of mountains reminded us of our honeymoon visit. The refreshing air and the natural beauty together created magical moments for us.

Having heard a lot about the famous Jakhu Hill, we could not help ourselves going there. Situated on an altitude of 8000 ft, it has the popular Hanuman Temple, which is a big hit with tourists. As we reached there, we found many monkeys roaming freely here and there. We had some fruits in our hand. But as I was a bit scared, Richard offered it to monkeys. After embarking on hill, we enjoyed a mesmerizing view of the city.

Being the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, it has some of the most fascinating tourist attractions. We had to walk down to the hotel where we booked a room as there was no transport mode. Enjoying being walked together, we reached the hotel. The comfortable accommodation and warm hospitality lifted our mood. Moreover, we could get North Indian food, which was a big relief for us. The piping hot food and that too, with a meal of our choice just treated our taste buds very well.

Our next visit was to Viceregal Lodge, which is an impressive building in Shimla. It houses some ancient articles that took us back to the time of British rule. While coming back, we went to the Himalayan Bird Park, which was just on the another side of the hill. Models of endangered species including birds and animals can be seen there. Believe me, you have to walk a lot to see the wildlife. Luckily, we put on our most comfortable shoes that could ease us in walking.

The next day we devoted to visit the State Museum, which has a rare collection of historic sculptures and paintings. Located atop a hill, it is in a typical colonial building. The most exciting item was to see the Pahari miniature paintings. There was a library that immediately grabbed my attention. It houses a big collection of historical books as well as manuscripts.

At last, we decided to visit Chadwick Falls, which was located amidst the deodar trees. It was a blissful place where all we could enjoy the calmness all around. We could even listen the melodious sounds of waterfalls, which filled our heart with bliss.

Vicerega Lodge Shimla
Vicerega Lodge Shimla

Though I do love shopping, but Richard is more shopaholic. He took me to The Mall, which is a popular shopping hub of Shimla. Many newly-wedded couples go for Shimla Honeymoon Package also visit the place for shopping. We could see numerous shops and restaurants that are lined up and were looking colorful. A variety of beautiful handicrafts was there. After buying some handicrafts items for home décor, we moved on to the Lakkar bazaar. I was so delighted to buy some beautiful wooden objects from there.

The tour was over and we headed towards Delhi once again. Though it was a small trip, but the days that we spent there left us with beautiful memories.


Shimla: The City of Goddess Shyamla

Shimla City
Shimla City

Staying as a bachelor & working in a firm that provides offs on every Saturday & Sunday certainly has amazing benefits. The best among those is you can plan a short weekend trip with your friends, without having any prior notice! I enjoyed such a trip last week with two of my friends. On Friday morning, we made a plan to visit Shimla and surprisingly, we left for it the same evening! Shimla is about 370 km from Delhi and after a relaxing overnight journey we reached there Saturday morning comfortably.

A guide there told us that this beautiful hill station derives its name from ‘Goddess Shyamla’, who is supposed to be an incarnation of Goddess Kali. Like most of the hill stations in India, Shimla was also discovered by the British and it used to serve as their summer resort. I was completely amazed to see that the city still retains its age old colonial glory in its buildings.

Our exploration started with the Jakhu Hill that is located at 2 km from the town. Serving as the highest peak of Shimla, Jakhu Hill offers panoramic views of the town and the nearby mountains. The holy temple of Lord Hanuman is established on the same hill. Summer Hill is again a picturesque suburb of Shimla, located at a distance of 5 km from the heart of the city. It houses the esteemed Himachal Pradesh University.

We stopped for a quick bite at the Coffee House in Shimla, which is now run under a cooperative society. With simple decors and a few framed pictures, the Coffee House serves original flavours of coffee picked from the plantations. Our next halt was the State Museum at Shimla, which showcases various miniature paintings, costumes, textiles and jewellery of the region.

Lastly, we paid short visits to the Kamna Devi Temple, Tara Devi Temple, Kali Bari Temple, Christ Church etc. that are some of the highly revered pilgrimage centres in Shimla. I was not aware of the fact that this superb hill station could offer such beautiful theme based tours until I visited the same.