No one can ever say no to travel. While exploring new destinations is an activity loved by all, the travel desires are different for everyone. Have you ever thought why some people find solace amid the echoes of mountains while others prefer the leisure moments on a beach? Well, of course it’s all about the likes and dislikes, but we would like to believe there is more to these likes.

We all have a distinct traveler personality, which is in some way ruled by our stars. Whether you are an adventure loving Sagittarius, strictly business Capricorn, or a restless Gemini, there is a destination aligned to your stars. In this blog, we are going to take you to your ideal destination according to your sunsign. So, if 2019 has made you set some travel goals, we are going to get you a step closer by narrowing down the destinations apt for you. Let your stars and constellations decide a destination for you this time.


This is one true infant sign among all 12. With their childlike wonder, Aries are known to be curious, full of energy and highly courageous. This solo traveler loves travelling solo or with a group full of enthusiastic bunch. While adventure love is definitely on the priority list, this sign also enjoys a leisure getaway.


Destination – While Northeast India, especially Meghalaya, is the choicest option for a free spirit like Aries, they also won’t mind a visit to the Taj Mahal on a full moon night.


This is the sign who likes to think, and think big. Taurus is not an impulsive traveler, and believes in planning every detail out. The ultimate satisfaction the sign feels about an immaculately planned trip is indescribable. So this one is for the planners out here; who enjoys traveling in luxury.


Destination – Look up the luxury camps in Ladakh’s Nubra Valley, or seize the moment with Andaman or Goa.


The wittiest of the 12 signs, Gemini is the most adaptable persons you will come across. It is this flexible quality of Geminis that they can be seen hopping to extreme travel destinations with sheer comfort. An uber-luxurious vacation or a backpacking trip across continents, this is one fidgety sign. Geminis love to indulge in an experiential journey, and are always up for something new.


Destination – A scuba diving in Andaman can be a refreshing experience. Also a wildlife safari in Ranthambore National Park can be an experiential journey.


Cancerians are sensitive and quite complicated personalities. They are the nostalgic souls who travel to create memories, and like to revisit those memories. This sign is a pure water baby and their major love for sea is what takes them to places with beach. This ready to travel sign is a perfect companion if you are seeking a leisure holiday to Southern India. This is another sign that loves planning, and can be found travelling with maps and compasses.


Destination – This sign belongs to Goa, Kerala or Andaman, where they can soak every ounce of leisure and enjoy the serenity of the sea.


The majestic and the royal ones, Leos prefer luxury and comfort over anything. Everything about their travel – from bookings to itineraries to accommodation – will reflect royalty and elegance. This is one determined traveler who enjoys traveling in group as well as solo. Leos are known for picking the best destination with most serene and spectacular views.


Destination – The ideal destinations in India for the Leos can be Udaipur, Jaipur, and also Hampi.


Virgos are analytical, intelligence, modest, capable, dedicated, humble, wise, witty and well spoken. They are the planners who love to make sure everything is well managed. Travelling with a Virgo is like travelling with a plan so that you don’t miss anything. Virgos are also fun loving and prefer a holiday that keeps them on their toes.


Destination – The ideal destination for this sign can be Goa’s pristine beaches and cozy resorts, where they can think and relax their minds. A trip to the cultural city of Jaipur is not so bad either.


Librans enjoy a balanced life, and this is reflected in their travel choices. The sign is attracted to places with natural splendour. The Libra people mostly like to travel to a balanced environment where they can have a bit of activity and bit of basking. Librans know how to have a fun vacation, at the same time be at ease with their inner self.


Destination – Munnar, Kanyakumari and Pondicherry are the destinations that will offer Librans a perfectly balancing fun-filled trip.


The most mysterious of all the signs, Scorpions are also full of passion and zeal. This philosophical traveler enjoys travelling to a diverse landscape, and can withstand any climatic conditions. The major thrill seekers, Scorpions love to travel to places which will give them an adrenaline rush and might scare the life out of many.


Destination – The valleys of Ladakh are just their calling.


The globetrotter of the sunsigns, Sagittarius is one sign that can choose travelling over oxygen. Sagittarius can oscillate really fast from an adventure tour to a spiritual one, and then to a retreat. They also love to explore new culture and try to learn when traveling. While they are the most talkative people you will come across, the sign seeks peace while travelling. The traveler in a Sagittarius will drive you to some unexplored places. However, these free birds don’t like to take the burden of planning the trip.


Destination – From participating in yoga camps in Rishikesh to rafting in Zanskar River, options are limitless for this sunsign. If adventure is what’s on your mind, then Shillong and Tawang are the best options.


Unlike Sagittarius, Capricorns love luxury travel. This sign prefers thing in a certain way, and love travelling to places where things are easily available. Cultural and history lovers Capricorn’s try their best to make their trip as enriching they can make. These signs love places that narrate a tale and destinations that speak to them.


Destination – Capris should opt for Madhya Pradesh to enjoy a narrative journey. Kerala and Rajasthan are also preferred choices for the sign.


This calm and composed sunsign don’t like to indulge in a tiring vacation; instead they seek a rejuvenating holiday full of experiences. Take an Aquarian close to nature and watch them embrace the place with a childlike happiness. This is one sign whose interest varies a lot when it comes to travel, but they mostly seek a holiday with no phone calls, emails, messages. In short, a total disconnect from the world.


Destination – Goa, Srinagar and Kerala are the preferred destinations for this leisure loving travelers.


The most creative sun sign of all, Pisces are artistic dreamers. The sign doesn’t seek luxury, but can appreciate it nonetheless. Pisces are all about places that make them relax, think, and make memories that they can always look back on. For them, vacations are a way to feed their imaginative spirits.


Destination – The calmness of Lakshadweep and the silence of Himalayas are perfect for this sign to seize the beauty of nature.

While this Zodiac Guide might or might not take you to your dream destination; we suggest thatk this New Year unleash the globetrotter in you.

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No one can ever say no to travel. While exploring new destinations is an activity loved by all, the travel desires are different for everyone. Have you ever thought why some people find solace amid the echoes of mountains while others prefer the leisure moments on a beach? Well,...