Do you believe in ghosts? or paranormal elements, whose existence can neither be proved nor refuted? If yes, then the incredible country India, brings to you some bone chilling places that will introduce you to creatures of another realm. For centuries, India the land of mystery, has received travelers from all parts of the world; fascinated by the mystical energy. Here, we have a plethora of haunted places and strange rituals attached to them, which are quintessentially Indian. This would interest the supernatural detectives to pack their bags and take a peek into the haunted side of India.

Get Set and Steel Your Nerves!!!


Bhangarh the ASI Approved Haunted Place

Legend: A beautiful princess Ratnavati, daughter of Chatra Singh, was known all over Rajasthan for her beauty. She fell prey to the evil eyes of a Tantrik, who was an expert in black magic. He casted a spell on the princess, through a bottle of perfume that her maid bought for her. The princess came to know about it and threw away the bottle. Being spell bound, the bottle turned into a huge boulder and crushed the tantrik to death. Before dying, he cursed the princess and the entire village to get perished and no one will be reborn again. After that incident, Bhangarh and Ajabgarh fought a fierce battle which destroyed the entire village and Ratnavati also died.

The Spooky Side: Due to the curse of this tantric, any person who dies in the village wanders around as a ghost. He neither gets salvation nor takes a rebirth. Any roof built over the houses, collapse in a mysterious way. Inside the fort, one will find johri bazaar, impressive gateways, broken columns, stepwell, a Someshwar Temple and Nachni ki Haveli (dancer’s house); all in ruins. The fort has to be vacated before sunset as it is not safe to be there after dark.


Meet the Witches of Kundanbagh

Legend: Kundanbagh in Hyderabad, a night, a thief called up the police!! He entered a house and found three decomposed bodies of women who died about 6 months ago. The corpses of a mother and her two daughters were lying on the bed and the house smelled terribly. Police came and removed the bodies; locked the house.

The Spooky Side: Neighbours say, the women practiced black magic and used to wear black clothes most of the time. As the clock strikes 12 midnight, these women are seen inside the house with a candle in their hands. Some of the locals were also attacked by the mother named Jayaprada with an axe. Since 2002, this house on the second floor has been declared as haunted and an unresolved mystery.


Hanuman Against Ghosts in Mehandipur Balaji

Legend: Balaji, another name of Lord Hanuman, the Monkey God, is believed to have special power to exorcise ghosts from a possessed human. This is the reason, people travel all the way to Mehandipur to get themselves relieved from ghosts, spirits and black magic with Hindu rituals. The temple dedicated to Child (bal) Hanuman is more than 1000 years old.

The Spooky Side: The place can actually scare the hell out of a visitor. Inside the temple are four huge halls, where a visitor will be greeted with screams of people possessed by spirits. See them crying, hitting head against the walls and even pouring boiling water on their body. The scene might haunt a person for days and be ready to feel heaviness in your head, if you keep looking at the activities for very long.


The Creepy Silence of Vas Villa

Legend: Vas Villa used to be the home of Dolce Vas (75) and Vera Vas (80), who were daughters of a reputed lawyer. On September 4, 2002, there was a robbery in the house and Dolce was stabbed to death. Sister Vera Vas buried her in the compound of the house and left the property. Since then nobody ever occupied it.

The Spooky Side: The tragic past has a present too. Dolce was a piano instructor and since her death in 2002, piano music is being heard from inside the house. Locals have also witnessed some ghostly faces that stare out of the window. As time passed by, stories of witchcraft and other bizarre stories cropped up. Inside the crumbled house, one will find headless statues, inverted crosses and a junk car. Many paranormal experts have visited here and have confirmed proofs of a negative energy.


Find Narayan Rao’s Ghost in Shaniwarwada

Legend: Known for its magnificent architecture, the fort has been a witness to the cold blooded murder of Narayanrao Peshwa. The young prince was only 13 year old when his murder was ordered by Anandibai, his aunt. The atmosphere inside the fort is quite gloomy and the pain of this murder can be felt in the walls. The fort was destroyed by a mysterious fire.

The Spooky Side: During the full moon nights, a visitor can clearly hear the cry of the prince, saying ‘Kaka Mala Vachva’ which means Uncle Save Me. These were the boy’s last words and the screams are quite frequent in this fort. People also believe that dark spirits wander here, specially of those people who were burnt to death in the fire.


Rana Kumbha Palace Chittorgarh

The Legend: Queen Padmini of Chittorgarh was known for her beauty and that attracted Delhi Sultan. The sultan kidnapped her husband Rana Ratan Singh and demanded Queen Padmini in lieu of the King. But the queen sent army men disguised as women and they successfully brought the king back. Furious Khilji attacked Chittorgarh and Rana Ratan Singh and his army fought bravely till death. Queen Padmini alongwith other women of Chittor committed jauhar. This is a custom where women jump into a well of fire (jauhar kund) and burn themselves alive to save their honour.

The Spooky Side: The historical jauhar happened in the Rana Kumbha Palace. Though years have passed, people can still hear the painful screams of the women who jumped in the fire. They would ask for help and request to save Chittor. Some people have also witnessed a woman in royal attire and burnt face.


The Horror of Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

Legend: City of Nizams as it is known, Hyderabad is home to the second largest film city – The Ramoji Film City. This place belonged to the Nizams and till date is haunted by the spirits of the martyred soldiers.

The Spooky Side: People who work in this film city see leftover food in rooms; Urdu scribbles in mirror and scary images appearing in girl bathrooms. Some of the spot boys, standing at high positions were pushed to cause a major accident. Ghost presence has also been felt in the hotel rooms.

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Do you believe in ghosts? or paranormal elements, whose existence can neither be proved nor refuted? If yes, then the incredible country India, brings to you some bone chilling places that will introduce you to creatures of another realm. For centuries, India the land of mystery, has received travelers...